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Increase the value of your home with a Lifetime Certified Mold Free Service Plan!!! 

Why Should You Choose NEST Protection Plan For Your Full Home Inspection?


The short answer, so you don’t get stuck with a bunch of unpleasant surprises that cause you and your family harm or lead to tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses or home repair costs.

The long answer, NEST Protection Plan is committed to changing the way homeowners perceive inspection services. We work hard towards providing the highest level of customer service along with peace of mind. When you put your trust in us we provide you with the most professional, punctual, and detailed inspection each and every time.

With the NEST Protection Plan your home will be Certified Mold Free for life! 

Providing Initial Full Home Inspections


We are committed to protecting your family and your valuable investments by providing the most trustworthy and reliable services. We ensure our Full Home Inspection service exceeds industry standards and makes sure you get the most reliable assessment for your property.


Our inspectors are certified and represent the best amongst their field. Along with extensive structural and indoor environmental knowledge, our inspectors pride themselves on having a wealth of experience in where to look for potential hazards and hidden issues in your home. When we conduct our initial inspection, we make sure you don’t have to worry about lurking problems that can affect your health and your investment.


Did You Know?...

There's a warranty included with all NEST Protection Plans!!!

That's right, all properties covered with the NEST Protection Plan come with a warranty included. If one of our inspectors misses a mold or moisture problem during the initial qualifying inspection or any follow up inspections, we'll cover the cost to have the affected area remediated. We stand by our inspections because we know you'll be receiving the highest quality inspection service when you choose the NEST Protection Plan. *Terms & Conditions Apply*

Step 1

Initial Qualifying Inspection

When you sign up for a Lifetime Certified Mold Free Home the first thing we need to do is conduct the initial inspection. Not every home qualifies initially, and that's ok. During the course of the inspection the inspector will be looking for anything that could be a cause for concern. These could be anything from visible mold and moisture issues, to structural damage, plumbing concerns and more. 

Once the initial inspection is completed, you'll receive a detailed written report of the findings. If the home did not qualify, this report will list recommendations for you to consider so the home can then receive its Certified Mold Free Certificate. When the home is officially declared "qualified" we go to step 2.

Step 2

Certified Mold Free Home

Now that your home has qualified, you'll receive your Certified Mold Free Home Certificate. With this certificate you can trust that your home is healthy and your family safe from the dangers of mold exposure. As a member of the NEST Protection family you'll also have access to our exclusive network of vendors. Our vendor network is comprised of many businesses in a vast range of industries. From restoration companies and plumbers to contractors and insurance & real estate agents and beyond. All of our vendors are highly qualified in their field and vetted by us extensively. Many of our vendors even offer discounted services to properties covered by the NEST Protection Plan.


You'll also be able to take advantage of additional discounts on all Celtic Mold Assessments services while your plan is in effect. 

Congratulations and welcome to the family, next is step 3.

Step 3

Annual Inspection Service 

You've protected your investment as well as your family, this step is where the long term value of that decision is realized. One of our highly qualified inspectors will inspect the home annually to ensure it remains healthy and safe, while also maintaining its value. Upon renewal you'll receive a new Certified Mold Free Home certificate and continued discounts on all of our services and with those in our exclusive vendor network. 

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